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Hannah Jenkinson Knitwear redefines the boundaries of the humble Sweater using time honored traditional craft techniques, luxurious yarns, and unexpected material combinations to create a uniquely expressive Women’s Knitwear Collection founded upon Women’s Empowerment, Earth Friendly Materials and Creative Expression. Made for women with an awareness of our impact, power and collective consciousness, as well as a love for beautiful, special, unique and highly crafted clothing.


HJK challenges our ability to change people’s lives through conscious fashion choices. Pieces are designed with both the wearer and the maker in mind, allowing for a genuinely positive impact upon the women who make it as well as the women who wear it. Working with 'Mother's In Action' in the highlands of Peru, our mission is to provide flexible hand-work, training and community support to women there.


HJK focuses on the most luxurious natural and biodegradable materials available. We say no to petroleum derived materials - no Nylon, Acrylic or Polyester which will remain in the environment long after use and are contributors to micro-plastics in the oceans. We work with mills in Peru and Italy to find the most exciting and unique yarns available, which are locally sourced where possible, and often developed especially for us.


HJK utilizes knitting, hand-embroidery and crochet as the visual language of a modern fashion knitwear brand founded upon unique textiles. Using labor-intensive, luxurious techniques that were taught to Hannah when she was a child by her Grandmother’s back home in England. Collections are heavily inspired by the process of creating and an innate love for the textile development journey. Always remaining open to the creative path wherever that might lead, to allow other women to creatively express themselves in every moment of their lives through the perfect piece of knitwear.

We love to make pieces that are beyond special.

Custom orders, collaborations and feedback welcomed.