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About Hannah

Hi! I am Hannah.

I am from a super small little village in the north of England called Grindleford in the Hope Valley, where my parents still live in the same house we moved to when I was a little kid. Knitting has taken me far and wide! From university in Brighton, England to New York to study at Parsons School of Design and across to California to work for many companies both high end and contemporary including Calvin Klein Collection, St John Knits and Equipment FR among others.

I absolutely believe in the power of fashion to change people’s lives for the better, where so often you hear the opposite about an industry I both love and hate. Peru holds all the keys for HJK to have a positive impact building in policies for minimal negative effect on the environment, bringing women a fair wage and, in time, additional support beyond just a job.

I learnt how to knit from my Grandmothers from age 5 and every time I pick up some needles or sketch a design I feel like I am tapping into our shared heritage the world over of how to make things with our hands. This precious knowledge, like our food and medicine, has been overshadowed with faster, cheaper and homogeneity. My path to Peru has certainly been a spiritual journey and I know I am here for a reason – the most obvious to support and lift women up one sweater at a time. I would love to make something for you that you love for years to come and KNOW it has impacted others, and the earth, in a positive way.

☺ Let me know if you have any questions at all.



Hannah x