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The Women

We partner with Fair Trade and artisanal cooperatives in Peru, and visit each group in person to assess wages, conditions and communication.

Most of the images on the site are from fair trade certified 'Mothers In Action' who help to provide flexible hand-work to mothers in the highlands of Peru. This work ensures they are able to continue to look after their families while gaining more independence and autonomy over their own lives. They are a network of women, grouped together by different regions around the highlands of the country, specifically out of the town of Huancayo. Team leaders are allocated to handle quality control, work flow and knitting directions - a far cry from a factory set-up. Some women live hours walk from the town and do not always have mobile or cell phones. They come together to knit, chat and eat, or work from their homes while juggling all the needs of their families - often also cooking meals for large families from scratch 3 times a day.

These women are highly skilled in knitting and usually have their needles clacking away (faster than I have ever seen before!) whether they are knitting for work or for themselves, their children or friends and families. Many seem to be able to walk and knit at the same time! and most have been taught by mothers or grandmothers or aunties - the skill being passed down through generations since they were young.