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Yarns and Materials

We really go the extra mile to find and develop materials that are equally beautifully luxurious, and do no harm to the environment. We work with Mills in Italy and Peru to source and develop yarns which are super special, beautiful and unique often having them designed and made especially for us. Committed to keeping materials 100% Biodegradable and as natural as possible. We say no to using non-biodegradable and petroleum based materials such as Nylon, Acrylic and Polyester.

The yarns we choose sometimes means they are delicate to knit or may need to be carefully hand-washed after knitting to ensure their natural properties are brought out to their best. Choosing not to use synthetic materials is not always the easy way, but we believe it is absolutely worth the extra effort to create something truly unique and special with the least impact.

If you have any questions about the process or materials then please let us know!